• Players can now activate drone instantaneously by pressing F3
  • Tweaked physics variables heavily
  • Lowered ollie / jump height slightly
  • Reworked menu color scheme for look and usability - Easier to spot the currently selected element
  • UI Scrolling: Added support for page up, page down, home and end keys
  • Fixed game being unable to send further backend requests if one failed
  • Fixed possible backend loop where it would keep sending the same request every few seconds
  • Fixed rare issue that caused the player to get stuck in the purchase screen
  • Default items now show up and can be equipped in the inventory
  • Inventory now updates equipped icon for default loadout assets
  • Replaced the fourth game version number (revision) with the Steam build id
  • Fixed equipped icon not appearing in store
  • Store equip & purchasing preview is now instant
  • Fixed insufficient funds window being randomly closed
  • Customization: Display a fatal error popup if no loadout exists - Catches the issue where players would receive no model in the SNOW Test application, and crash immediately after spawning
  • Fixed player animations not freezing in menu or when using freeze mode (V)
  • Exposed cl_camfieldofview, pl_skiShowStats, pl_skiDrawDirections, e_timeofday, t_scale, bind, r_width and r_height to the console
  • Added "X" icon to indicate that a store slot is currently unequipped
  • Store: Added currency icons to clarify what an assets costs, and how many credits the player has
  • Improved UI animations
  • Exposed pl_hudEnableComboBar
  • Fixed intro legal text being rendered twice
  • Fixed flickering while customizing character clothing
  • Fixed close button not being aligned with main menu header
  • Fixed brands screen being cut off
  • Continue: Added "continue now" button - Selected by default, allows the player to immediately press Enter / A after entering the continue menu to keep spawning. This will be followed up with the continue functionality starting at ~5 seconds before crash instead of at the moment of crash
  • Fix: Trick notifications appeared even when the HUD was disabled
  • Fix: Game UI was not paused when the steam overlay was opened
  • Store: Added slot cameras - Allows closer inspection of the various slots while customizing
  • Fix: Area notifications could appear on top of each other - Now stored in queue and displayed in turns
  • Fix: UI description being cut off
  • Removed the "Head" store filter
  • Removed the "Type" store filter
  • Added ability to quit game with controller by pressing circle / B while in the initial frontend menu
  • Fixed a bunch of replay rewind issues
  • Fixed store slot selection text alignment
  • Fixed UI not reappearing if the player disabled it in the replay / continue menu and then went back
  • Improved event score handling
  • Fixed a few possible crashes in the event system
  • Added shortcut to immediately cycle camera in spawn point selection
  • Added penalty system for the rewind feature
  • Fixed transitions between gameplay and replay cameras
  • Fixed hiding of cursor while using gamepad
  • Implemented leaderboards for the UI
  • Changing the music volume in options will now update it right away
  • Fixed cycling of in-game cameras getting stuck
  • Fixed issue where the camera would point in a random direction after starting an event
  • Fixed handling of checkpoint icons
  • Fixed possible turning issue where the player would no longer rotate along the ground normal
  • Fixed option slider delta calculation - Improves handling of option sliders, previously these were inaccurate in dealing with how many steps were allowed
  • Added continue time offset - Continue now starts at -3s before crash, instead of directly at the moment of impact. Double-tapping A now allows for continuing your run immediately
  • Fixed score appearing in replay menu
  • Possible fix for negative score
  • Fixed possible UI crash during startup or level load
  • Introduced new level poster selection effect
  • Fixed incorrect ability to click on invisible UI elements
  • Fixed textbox flickering
  • Fixed scrolling in store & options
  • Fixed a few cases of animation snapping
  • Standardized UI text animation to avoid instantaneously changing text in places
  • Reordered quit popups to use negative colors more clearly
  • Added support for gift / drop notifications - This will be integrated into XP rewards in the near future, for now new users will get notifications when they receive their exclusive Founders set or Red Bull helmet
  • Fixed right and center side text alignment in UI
  • Disabled Multiplayer tile
  • Fixed "Connecting to Servers" spinner not always disappearing
  • Fixed possible UI crash

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Jakob Westphal

why Disable Multiplayer

    Ted Lindgren

    Because it rarely works I believe.

Derek Acker

Wooooo!!! Can't wait to shred the new update!

Sébastien Garcin

Here my feedback about the update (which has great improvments !)

    Sébastien Garcin

    physics got better, easier to turn and better braking possibilities. But still it is difficult to make hard turns, would love Extra Carving (using grab joystick to tilt the body cf. Mx vs atv reflex). There are too many falls in this game, so many cuts in the gameplay and the restarting (even from checkpont really cut the flow of the descent), then once we got respawned, the animation of the camera makes it difficult to correct the trajectory as it takes 2 seconds to turn around the player. The grinding feels nice now, maybe a sound would be nice. And please can you allow us to remove the music of the game from the settigns. Points are not counted, or never kept at the end of a session ? Concerning the end, we never really know when it is. You reach the end of the mountain and you don't know if you missed smtg. Should be a small recap of the descent at the end. (few stats, like best combo, highest rotation, highest jump, ...) some sauce :). I love to play this game, I'm sure you're gonna make it even better ! Congrats for the progress

Ryland Lubin

when are you going to come out with snow on mac

Garrett O'Brien

I love how you have added alot of flavor to the trails now on the main mountain, with the mini jumps to wooden rails. With the grinding, dont know if it is just my version, but as a curiosity when do you think there will be more hit detection and magnetism on rails, posts, tree trunks? There is that spot in east water river, on the default spawn point, to the left the mini ramp to ledge rail. Just slips off right into the rock, cant wait to curve that and backflip gapthe river. Keep up the great work and stoked to be able to download this to my ps4 and be able to remote play this game anywhere with vita.

Rene Licher

The events on snow test are very nice, keep it up.

Jack Price

When do you guys think the game will be released on ps4?????? And when the game is on ps4 can you still sell items on steam?

    Jack Price

    Because people have been saying about sell things to steam i think.

Ethan Campbell

ello m8, When will snow ome out for mac

Ryland Lubin


Annemieke Hoff-Monrooij

It's march 29 now and it's still not free to play :(.

    Annemieke Hoff-Monrooij

    It would be released on march 28 right?

      Luke Baker

      Just fucking pay for it, it's dope.