SNOW Game Update

  • Improved XP and level gift notification to avoid confusion
  • Fixed a few missing and incorrect localization strings
  • Fixed bug in collision detection that could cause random crashes
  • Fixed flickering when switching to fullscreen mode
  • Improved calculation for game resolution on less powerful graphics cards
  • Fixed menu / UI being skewed in first person and replay mode - Now only allows for full 3DUI when a VR headset is connected
  • Fixed possible scrollbar crash during gameplay
  • Removed obsolete level leaderboards that were sending events to Steam regularly

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Cody Teliczan

Last few updates that have added the xp have been great! Ive had this for a while now and I still play this game any chance that I get!

Cody Teliczan

When is the multiplayer mode coming? And I have a few suggestions if you guys are interested.

Queeran Shake

Bring back the old mechanics of grinding! An if we level up in the closed beta will we keep our level afterwards ?