• Integrated new XP and Level functionality - Players are now rewarded with XP with resulting level ups after playing events. Level ups can result in free item drops.
  • Fixed basic VR functionality not working - Note that this is still not ideal, we are awaiting a patch from Crytek to get it to a good state
  • Added control screens, allowing players to see what the controls for the game are. An input remapping system is in the works, but was not ready for this update
  • Exposed a larger amount of CVars to the game again, includign detached camera field of view and more
  • Fixed scrolling in menus affecting player
  • Improved options menu behaviour when going back - will now ask players to confirm their changes if any were made and not saved
  • Fixed cursor not disappearing when using gamepad in replay mode
  • Added support for accessing the store in-game
  • Improved option slider behaviour
  • Fixed UI elements not always being activated
  • Fixed ability to use the UI while the workspace was disabled (for example when the steam overlay is open)
  • Fixed loading spinner text not appearing
  • Added support for "blocking" progress spinners - used to lock the game while waiting for backend response during purchasing
  • Implemented basic force feedback (gamepad rumble) when landing or crashing
  • Exposed view distance sliders to the advanced visual options
  • Fixed menu disappearing if moving or resizing window while animating in
  • Improved inactive tile animations
  • Fixed a bunch of possible UI crashes
  • Implemented game-side support for differing between game versions on the backend
  • Reworked analytics implementation
  • Fixed json manager copy issue
  • Reworked release configuration to always output the most optimized build possible
  • Re-ordered quit buttons
  • Improved UI in and out animations
  • Removed use of alpha for UI scrolling effects, animate in and out of the screen instead
  • Disabled freeze and detached camera while in events
  • Minor improvements to loading times
  • Fixed music manager sometimes incorrectly playing non-existing songs and causing immense main menu lag
  • Fixed shader compilation being enabled in release builds
  • Fixed inability to hover over inactive UI tiles
  • Fixed rare bug where the intro screen would appear when browsing through the store
  • Vastly improved customization manager performance when obtaining assets by id
  • Implemented basic store asset sorting - Currently limited to sorting by lowest price
  • Store favorite icon is now animated
  • Fixed drone camera overriding that of the player

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Leighton Fisk

too bad you cant use ps4 remotes anymore

Mikael Hämäläinen

Why i cant play multiplayer

Etienne Gélinas

Still waiting for my key to play :(