SNOW update changelog

A set of post-release updates to the 0.6.0 SNOW build is now live. Note that this is purely a maintenance patch, the next SNOW content update will be 0.6.1, currently scheduled for later next month.

Primarily, this update resolves issues with starting events, unlocking spawn points and getting XP from ending the session.

Full changelog can be seen below:

  • Added Advanced┬áReplay Options- now you can control Time of Day, FoV and Camera Speeds directly through the menu
  • Added option for inverting roll / trick modifier controls on gamepad
  • Added "Tab" shortcut when crashed to quickly respawn at last session marker
  • Added "Waiting for Backend" indicator when starting events - Necessary to upload XP at the end
  • Fixed maps loading forever if the server's port could not be opened - Now displays an error message
  • Fixed Steam overlay not pausing the game
  • Optimized physics contact handling - Resolves lag on slower CPUs
  • Fixed a few cases where physics contacts would not be found
  • Fixed several cases of physics slowdowns when riding past objects
  • Fixed possible case where current HTTP request wouldn't be reset
  • Fixed one inability to switch levels
  • Fixed attachments disappearing and not animating during night time
  • Fixed HTTP lag during timeouts
  • Statistics are now reset along with achievements
  • Moved most temporary paths to new "SaveGames" directory
  • Fixed possible crash while previewing store assets
  • HUD score is now reset when starting or restarting events
  • Fixed some stats not being reset after death, fixes controller rumble not being turned off
  • Fixed penalty behavior when missing more than two checkpoints in events
  • Fixed several cases where UI object identifiers would be mistaking, adding and removing the wrong UI elements
  • Fixed console text not rendering
  • Fixed "Pause game when alt-tabbed" option
  • Increased Free Roam score to XP multiplier
  • Fixed bug where lights would blink every time the hour changed
  • Fixed a bunch of cases where the close call physics proxy triggered collision responses
  • Fixed character loadout assets sometimes going missing, usually happened to the face
  • Improved handling of HTTP requests for persistent storage
  • Added sv_port to CVar whitelist
  • Fixed menu spinning when moving mouse rapidly
  • Fixed crash if Steam failed to initialize (will now shut down cleanly)
  • Fixed possible crash while quitting from Frontend
  • Fixed color chart texture not being released
  • Fixed update instructions incorrectly checking version numbers
  • Fixed a few cases where achievements were not uploaded and reset correctly
  • Fixed replay FP view not being drawn in camera space - Fixes excessive clipping in replay view
  • Fixed possible case where the player would crash and ragdollize without a reason.
  • Tweaked graphics settings for improved performance and visuals
  • Changed server port to avoid clashes with anti-viruses
  • Event types with no accessible events are now hidden.
  • Fixed a few issues with the statistics system.
  • Fixed achievements being tracked despite already being completed.
  • Optimized lift entity to spare some CPU load
  • Fixed continue starting at the incorrect location
  • Fixed failed backend requests causing the entire queue to freeze - Fixes events not starting, XP not being awarded and spawn points to not be unlocked.
  • Backend now handles analytics and game requests separately, so that event start does not need to rely on trivial requests being sent first.
  • Fixed game launcher not using high performance GPU with NVIDIA Optimus.
  • Implemented a purchase error if Steam Overlay was disabled.
  • Fixed UI remaining invisible after disabling it in replay.
  • Fixed some menus not having a back option.
  • Fixed possible shutdown crash while processing requests
  • Fixed possible game freeze while quitting the application
  • Music is now stopped immediately on quit
  • Fixed UI freeze after changing resolution and saving in the popup
  • Lowered velocity required to start tucking by 0.25
  • Fixed a bunch of stability issues in Replay and Continue
  • Fixed drop point selection elements disappearing if the scroller was clicked
  • Reworked level load and unload setup - Fixes possible crash while switching mountain
  • Fixed event not being aborted if it failed to start
  • SNOW executable is now signed with a Poppermost certificate - Fixes a few cases where anti-viruses marked the application as malicious
  • Increased pushing speed slightly
  • Fixed a few localizsation errors
  • Disabled Silhouette Parallax Occlusion Mapping - Workaround for immense lag when switching to Very High spec from a lesser spec.
  • Fixed a bunch of material issues
  • Fixed a few issues in Sialia
  • Increased perfect landing achievement thresholds

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Jordan Malcolm

when will there be snowboarding

    Jordan Malcolm


      Jordan Malcolm

      snow boarding?

Tyler Stockman

Release for consoles??? Just hire the guys who made skate and tell them you want that but snowboarding and skiing... BOOM problem solved, millions made!!