SNOW Update 0.6.1 - New features and bug fixes

The latest SNOW update is here! 0.6.1 brings a load of improvements and fixes:


• Updated to CRYENGINE 3.8.3 - Brings vastly improved DoF, Motion Blur and HDR rendering
• Implemented in-game legend background - Should make reading button descriptions a lot easier
• Levels are now sorted from our backend - Allows us to put more focus on newer and bigger maps
• Integrated option slider acceleration - Makes it possible to get more accurate option values while still allowing large ones
• Numerous Replay / Rewind fixes
• Added support for cycling drop points with gamepad shoulders
• Pushing can now be interrupted by stopping
• UI: Fixed invisible scrollbar objects being seen when animating out
• Fixed sound not being initialized correctly
• Slowed down UI post process bloom effect fade slightly
• Temporarily disabled deadzone correction for gamepad input
• Fixed "Purchase and Equip" not removing the notification strip
• Increased lift rope thickness to avoid aliasing
• Slightly delayed the sending of startup analytics
• Fixed the windows key not working in-game
• Fixed lift entity not casting shadows for ropes
• Fixed a few lift stations not being hooked up correctly
• "Respawn at session marker" legend entry is now only added if there is a session marker available to spawn at
• Added PS4 gamepad "OPTIONS" legend indicator for quick menu exit
• Expanded support for more complex challenge and achievement implementations
• Added new end session functionality - The player will now be forced into the End Session state if they exit the map
• Fixed Virtual Reality animations not being correctly used
• Fixed the player being able to exit the menu while in the event finished screen by pressing OPTIONS using a PS4 gamepad
• Fixed a few issues with continuing to the next page in the event finished leaderboard screen
• Fixed inability to scroll table (leaderboard) items using a gamepad
• Fixed compression artifacts occurring on a few reflectivity textures
• Disabled Silhouette Parallax Occlusion Mapping on doors due to shading errors
• Fixed a few minor animation configuration errors
• Tweaked High and Very High object view distance
• Exposed DOF options to the Replay menu
• Added "Select Drop Point" option to the end session screen
• Fixed a bunch of shadow and rendering artifacts due to using the wrong engine assets
• Decreased shadow jittering for the Very High spec
• Enabled shadow jittering for Low Spec
• Removed shity left trick when holding space (Caused issues with physics when going over bumps)
• Enabled vignetting
• Added distance mountains back to Sialia
• Fixed intense lag that could occur due to particle emitters not being correctly removed
• Added option for toggling particles to the advanced visuals menu
• Fixed issue where gamepad rumble would occur on rails even when disabled
• Fixed Music logic so that it loops the playlist instead of ending at the first / last song
• Set default music playback to normal instead of repeat
• The drone can now see HUD icons up to two times as far as during normal gameplay
• Increased lift chair speed
• Fixed sound system warning about invalid sound proxies
• Fixed multiple camera and object loading issues when entering a level - Resolves object flickering and loading delay
• Fixed lift ropes not fully reaching the desired points
• Frontend camera field of view is now the same as in-game
• Fixed HTTP retry-after functionality not working as intended
• Fixed player incorrectly being set to bailing when spawned
• Replay: Fixed air time not being replayed - Fixes player rotating on his head instead of crashing after using rewind
• Fixed score sometimes not being registered.
• Fixed a few cases where the camera was incorrectly reset - Corrects camera orientation after using rewind
• Fixed certain events having the checkpoint icons cut off due to render distance
• Improved XP screen handling and resolved a few issues where score would be incorrectly reported
• Fixed back indicator not always occurring - Resolves being unable to return from leaderboard in the event finished screen
• Fixed a few instances of UI elements storing the wrong workspace id - Resolves credits in store not being updated after changing filters
• Fixed crash if player is in an event while quitting the game.
• Fixed previewed store asset not being reset when changing the filter
• Turned off terrain detail materials for the lowest graphical setting - Saves a great deal of performance
• Improved player spawning - Should now always start on ground
• Fixed turning sound playing longer than expected
• Optimized ski lift update
• Moved celebrate action to D-Pad Left
• Close calls can no longer be triggered at low speeds
• Decreased lift chair speed

• Added option for skipping the event countdown
• Added new Next Round Screen for events
• Implemented new Event preview modal - Including showing a possible reward and your best score
• Improved rules for most events
• Fixed crash on shutdown in gameplay events
• Added smooth finish for events - The player will no longer be instantaneously frozen, but instead slowly stops while the finished UI appears
• Split-times / Checkpoint times are now sent to the backend
• Integrated split time UI element - Appears upon entering a checkpoint and indicates how much faster / slower you were compared to your best run
• Fixed a few cases where the event assets were not removed or added correctly
• Tweaked score penalty values
• Leaderboard and XP screens are now skipped if the player failed the event
• Fixed next round behaviour. Game will now use the same logic as for the finish event.
• Fix event crash menu selecting Quit as default
• Fixed event areas not being correctly removed, possibly affecting performance over time
• Fixed event scoring outside event areas.
• Fixed XP screen showing XP + score instead of the intended result
• Fix event pause menu choosing quit by default
• Fixed possible event countdown crash
• Fixed LO2 Rail Jam event not working correctly
• Trick history is no longer updated in events where the player can not receive score
• Fixed event results screen showing the player's best score instead of what they just played

• Fixed possible physics crash
• Acceleration is now directly affected by friction, allows coming to a complete stop
• Fixed frontal area not being correctly multiplied when tucking on ground
• Implemented new friction model that correctly adjusts speed when turning
• Added support for pre-loading rolls
• Fixed a couple of cases where the player would get stuck between the on-ground and in-air states
• Improved friction handling when buttering
• Improved contact detection to avoid sudden air-times when the player did not expect it
• Fixed load-up not working correctly
• Reworked friction values for all surface types
• Fixed ground material not always being correctly detected - causing flickering and selection of bad materials
• Tweaked loadup and air rotation values
• The player will now crash if coming in contact with other objects while grinding

• Perfect landings are now skipped if the player did not perform a trick
• Integrated new combo setup - The combo multipler is now increased by one for each perfect landing, with a peak of 4x. This multiplier increases the amount of score you get, but is lost when bad landings occur.
• Penalties are now given to the player for using continue, respawning, landing badly and bailing
• Perfect and bad landings can no longer occur on rails
• Changed score to XP multiplier in Free Roam end session from 0.5 to 1.0
• Fixed "@ui_offRail" not being prepended to rotation string

SNOW Store
• Added new Bundles store
• The store camera now correctly cycles to the various cameras when filters are used
• Integrated new Credits screen for the store
• Re-implemented support for color variations in the store
• Brand logos are now shown in the store
• Fixed case where the store character textures would render with incredibly low resolution
• Clarified item preview functionality

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Bjarne Bakk

ETA of multiplayer? I'm dying to play with my friends

Julian Patterson

Please work on a new mountain or a multiplayer. Its kinda getting boring doing the same hills over and over again.

Tyler Stockman

When does this come out for PS4? It's been saying release before end of 2015 and no news yet? I need a snowboarding game!