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The new SNOW update 0.6.2 brings not only multiplayer but fixes to a lot of bugs and performance issues. See full changelog list below:


Note that Multiplayer is still in early testing, and we therefore have a limited number of servers available. We'll be scaling the number up as stability and network performance improves.

  • Enabled MP, now using dedicated servers
  • Exposed "connect" command to CVar whitelist
  • Exposed new "Say" console command as a temporary way of allowing client chat
  • Added leaderboard hooked up to "Tab"
  • Players can now spectate and spawn next to each other via the drop point selection menu


  • Added support for events that take place at a particular time of day
  • Fixed possible crash while playing events
  • Checkpoint times are now correctly used and displayed
  • Fixed ability to increment time of day in events


  • Fixed option acceleration not working correctly using gamepad
  • Fixed legend indicator positions not being updated when one was removed
  • Fixed rewind not showing penalty in trick history
  • Fixed possible view camera issues in frontend
  • Fixed close modal possibly restarting its action
  • Optimized flash update
  • Fixed possible scrollbar crash
  • Fixed UI user popups not creating its elements correctly
  • Enable cycling drop point areas with left and right arrows (KB)
  • Integrated new Xbox icons
  • Exposed store info panel to inventory
  • Locked drop points now have their icons greyed out
  • Removed C from purchase credits menu
  • Improved readability of in-game UI text
  • Fixed quick restart legend option being displayed even if not possible
  • Legend and score now correctly align to the bottom of the screen on portrait-y resolutions
  • Fixed cursor not always disappearing when using a gamepad
  • Added credits icon to purchase screen
  • Fixed severe entity tag performance issues
  • Fix table not showing all the columns and scrollbar being on incorrect position
  • Fix leaderboards not showing local user as default
  • Added new first person death camera
  • Added cycle replay controls to legend
  • Fix event preview only showing time for medals
  • Fix spawning showing previous area along with the new one
  • Fix drop point selection arrows not responding to mouse clicks


  • Fixed sending invalid values to sound parameters
  • Sound is now serialized with replays
  • Add RTPC intensivity to imitate slow-mo effect in replay
  • Landed and EnterAir events are now correctly replayed
  • Fixed a great deal of sound memory leaks and playback errors
  • Fix SoundManager support for multiple entities with the same sound loadout
  • Updated FMOD to fix Windows 10 issue with loud sound being played at startup
  • Fixed 3D sound panning effect
  • Fixed audio system crash on shutdown
  • Fix audio doppler effect and velocity calculations
  • Added support for key off sounds - Used to improve rail off effect
  • Fixed sounds not being correctly stopped once their holders were destroyed
  • Fix invalid audio triggers being loaded
  • Fixed drone wind sounds
  • Improve skiing sounds fade in and out for smooth transitions
  • Tweaked sound volume levels
  • Added sound effects volume option
  • Set default music playback mode to shuffle
  • Fix music manager always looping one song


  • Fixed rewind removing all score
  • Fixed possible anim event impules spam after replay usage - Resulted in massive speed boost
  • Score penalties are now all percentage based
  • Fixed combo not always being updated
  • Fixed perfect landings not being added to trick history
  • Distance traveled now awards XP
  • Added experimental stamina system to avoid jump / butter spam - This will likely be tweaked or reworked in the future
  • Added new Helicopter Pads around the mountain, can be used to spawn at any heli drop (even locked ones)
  • Fix bug where player could spawn on locked areas
  • Fixed possible physics crash
  • Improved rotation tracking for scoring
  • Fixed challenges being unlockable in levels other than the one intended
  • Fixed the wrong jump animation being used while in switch
  • Re-added shifty tweak, now mapped to right shift on keyboard
  • Fixed bail penalty always being awarded on crash
  • Fixed respawn penalty being awarded while using continue
  • Fix close call stall in physics
  • Fix particles being paused after using rewind
  • Tweaked trick penalty values
  • Fixed score being awarded after dying


  • Made replay advanced options persistent during the session
  • Decreased detached camera replay option deltas
  • Fixed issues with rewinding and score


  • Added new castle area: Whitehart Castle
  • Integrated new physically accurate time of day lighting values


  • Fixed memory leak when opening spawn point selection
  • Fixed lifts being reset multiple times in launcher
  • Added initial Shared Memory API for third-party usage
  • Fixed store crash if asset texture did not exist
  • Fixed a bunch of startup errors in the log
  • Fixed renderer crash on shutdown
  • Updated to CRYENGINE 3.8.5
  • Drone will now show a max distance icon on screen when it can not go any further
  • One-off grab animations are now queued instead of looped
  • Fixed possible ground collider crash
  • Extended support for statistics / challenges / achievements conditions
  • Analytics HTTP errors no longer trigger fatal errors
  • Fixed HTTP timeouts resulting in additional traffic
  • Optimized road load time
  • Fixed ski trails not being disabled with replay
  • Whitelisted additional 3D stereo commands
  • Fixed player mannequin queue overflow
  • Unified force feedback behaviour; rumble on all gamepads
  • Improved visiblity of orange fences, replaced some with piste markers
  • Fixed a bunch of localization errors
  • Removed AA mode 3 from options
  • Removed physics from landing and skiing particles

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