Please note, this release is currently available only on PC. Read why here.


  • New Tutorial (read more here)


  • Added Tyro Valley
  • Added new skiing grabs (Gucci Grab, Critical Grab)
  • Added new snowboarding tweaked grabs
  • Small animation improvements
  • Tweaks and improvements to Sialia
  • Updated key/button indicators in legend
  • Improved Time of Day in Sialia
  • Added volumetric clouds to most levels
  • Updated default character outfit


  • Added Music to Me Menu (read more here)
  • Added Messages to Me Menu (read more here)
  • Various improvements to UI animations
  • Alert player if they are unable to connect to backend
  • Added Prop Tool unlock to Player Slot Selection menu
  • Added Prop Tool unlock to Store Menu
  • Play tile now shows default sport


  • Fixed: Ability to change FoV in various places
  • Fixed: ToD not working in Replay Manager
  • Fixed: post processing on Low and Mid spec
  • Fixed: unable to turn DoF off
  • Fixed: various small UI bugs
  • Fixed: music would stop playing after first song
  • Fixed: reward screen does not always show reward
  • Fixed: flips are correctly tracked on snowboard if you ride switch
  • Fixed: UI elements rendered in top left corner
  • Fixed: player Credits sometimes show 0 after making a purchase
  • Fixed: event type names not centered in tile

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