• Added Anti-Aliasing options
  • Fix: Multiplayer crash on join
  • Fix: CCustomizationManager::GetLoadoutFile crash if game platform wasn't initialized
  • Fixed store camera control using controllers
  • Added support for zooming in the store using the D-Pad
  • Fix: ExportCDF command replacing cdf2 file instead of creating a cdf
  • Fix: Spawn points not being bound to network, resulting in spawn issues in Multiplayer
  • Fixed possible crash if a material effect without particles was spawned
  • Fixed possible Multiplayer crash on join, caused by animations not having been loaded
  • Fixed actors being desynched and not updated in Multiplayer when they're no longer visible on the host PC
  • Fix: Custom diffuse color not being applied to certain cosmetics
  • Fixed JOI jump textures directory depth being too high
  • Fixed Multiplayer screen not being rendered correctly
  • Removed unused UI PNG files
  • Disabled "Critical FG Error" warning

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