We are extremely proud today to announce the release of the SNOW M4 update!

This has been the biggest and most challenging update we've worked on since releasing the game last year and are excited to finally let all of you play it. With this update we have finally implemented the "core" riding experience to a point we're very happy with. You can now ride down the mountain, huck off massive cliffs and hit rails and kickers in the park - all with glorious sound effects that we recorded live on a mountain just for this game. We've also added 4 new areas on the mountain that are far more detailed and representative of what the entire mountain should feel like in the future.

For a full summary of what's new in SNOW M4, check out the Update Video and Change List below.

Highlighted Changes

  • Sounds
  • Physicalized skis
  • Reworked grinding
  • Music
  • Flashlight
  • Reworked grab & trick manager
  • Updated to CRYENGINE 3.6.7
  • Game analytics
  • Improved Oculus VR support

New Store Items


Gameplay Changes

  • Flashlight
  • Area names
  • Bailing
  • NAT Punchthrough
  • Basic Multiplayer matchmaking
  • Fix: Skipping directly to a desired level using the command line, using the '+map ' argument
  • Dynamic lights now randomly flicker when turning on and off
  • Fix: Dynamic light sources not activating on level load
  • Added 'Disable scoring' option to the Gameplay Options menu, disables score notifications and more
  • Input values are now sanitized to prevent mischief
  • Implemented asset cache system for making sure that textures are unloaded when no longer needed
  • Actor stats are no longer updated when dead, fixes bug where the player could receive score and notifications shortly after dying
  • Fix: Ability to push once in air
  • Regenerated Sialia cubemaps to prevent pink artifacts
  • Skis now appear in the characters hands in the store
  • Customization: Each slot now has its own separate camera parameters
  • Removed jump raycheck system, previously used to force air time on certain hills
  • Fixed player getting stuck in the Ollie / jump animation if the impulse did not result in any air time
  • Reverted M3 frontal area changes, affected rotation speed too much when using different grabs
  • We now track more gameplay statistics, such as highest speed, distance traveled, landings etc.
  • Fix: Idle action crash if top anim was null
  • Added Yeti camera
  • Reworked bad landing check
  • Fixed default camera spinning when falling straight down
  • Added new freeze_game action
  • Added support for caching textures, materials, objects, animations and character files in the new asset cache
  • Removed obsolete pl_skiCentripetalAccelerationMinDiff CVar
  • Disabled internet simulator by default
  • Increased camera field of view from 70 to 80
  • Added new sys_crash_on_exit CVar
  • Fix: Player head shadow not being rendered in first person mode
  • Notification UI: Added support for longer text
  • Removed engine assets from the game directory, belongs in Engine/EngineAssets
  • Spawnpoint camera now defaults to the FP variant when in FP / VR mode
  • Moved orbit cam fixed and closest camera entity views out of the F1 cycle action
  • Last mouse move time is now reset on spawn, fixes camera defaulting to orbit upon spawning if the mouse had been moved for the menu
  • Weather manager now calculates temperature at runtime
  • Fix: Air pressure calculation did not take gravity into account
  • Shaders: Tweaked snow layer distribution modifier to have smoother edges
  • Shaders: Added support for snowlayer on terrain
  • Optimized ski particles for a big performance improvement
  • Enabled tesselation for the trees, only available on Very High spec
  • Fix: Snowboard shadow appearing in-game
  • Customization: Added support for changing attachment type at runtime (Static -> SKIN and back)
  • Customization: Added support for CDF & CGA attachments
  • Customization: Added support for jigglebones
  • Fix: Actor head not being unhidden after exiting FP mode
  • Fix: Texture resolution not being updated when changing to a higher spec
  • Fix: Impersonation vulnerability when clients connect to a server
  • Added support for enum properties in IEntityPropertyHandler instances used for CastShadows
  • Fix: Fullscreen mode being disabled after alt-tabbing out
  • Added new g_disableEndSessionAreas CVar
  • Jump impulse is now applies forward when skiing up rough slopes
  • Decreased centripetal min diff to 0.005, should help turning while tucked
  • Fixed not being able to stop entirely
  • Reworked turning implementation
  • Prepared support for penguins
  • Removed initial savegame call
  • Revamped Frontend load process, added support for skipping the frontend level entirely
  • D3DStereo: Update parameters when HMD type changes
  • Fix: Dynamic environment probe overriding falloff and sort priority
  • Added support for celebrating by pressing C, or Y using a 360 controller. Gives extra score if performed directly after stomping a trick
  • Reworked default camera
  • Reload frontend on level unload or connection failure
  • Cleaned up animation handling, fixed randomized idles not triggering on the first try
  • Fix: Player unable to push or jump immediately after landing
  • Fix: Load-up turning speed being affected by other modifiers such as carving
  • Implemented support for medium speed animations
  • Fix: Stopping animation being played when standing still
  • Fix: Possible IdleAction null pointer crash
  • Decreased pl_skiStoppedMaxVelocity to 0.5 (was 5)
  • Added pl_skiSnowPlowMaxVelocity CVar
  • Improved lateral velocity calculation
  • Fix: Inability to stop by plowing
  • Movement: Make sure that friction magnitude is less or equal to that of velocity
  • pl_debugMannequin can now be toggled on while playing
  • Tweaked turnng & rotation values
  • Mannequin actions now reset flags on init
  • Turning directly after landing is now possible, unless a bad landing occured
  • Removed orbit spawn camera, first person variant is now default
  • Updated CryGame version to be independent of that of the engine
  • Fix: Player not remaining stopped
  • Fix: Player not being able to butter while loading up
  • Enabled Intel GPA by default
  • Default resolution is now based on system spec, if detected spec is equal to or lower than medium we'll lower resolution a bit instead of using the maximum the display is capable of
  • Implemented initial support for boids
  • Optimized movement code
  • Tweaked gravity application to more consistently give speed
  • Moved orbit cameras out of the F1 shortcut (still available using the cl_camType CVar)
  • Fix: Possible fragment queuing crash
  • Options: Resolution vector is now sorted by width, instead of width + height
  • Player input: Gestures are now serialized in MP
  • Fix: Pushing not syncing in MP
  • Local player profile is now saved immediately after changing settings, in case of crashing
  • Fixed possible crash on shutdown
  • Fixed possible crash on idle action update
  • Fixed possible Mannequin tag update crash
  • Improved event selection UI
  • Version info: Log platform name
  • Dynamic spawnpoints are now synced in Multiplayer
  • Removed orbit spawnpoint camera
  • Changed game beta notification from warning to standard log
  • Fix: Inability to butter using gamepad
  • Removed a couple of customization warnings
  • Updated to Steam API v1.30
  • Added new heatmap shader
  • Changed CGameRules::RevivePlayer to utilize Matrix34 instead of separate Vec3 and Quat
  • Fix: Attachments not using owner scale
  • Fix: Movement update overriding player scale
  • Fix: Height pivot being static, instead of scaling with the character
  • Made buttering a separate action
  • Removed fatal landing sideways
  • Fix: Dynamic environment probe caching
  • Fix: Pressing tab in the start menu removes the UI
  • Tweaked minimum velocity length required to tuck
  • Improved lateral velocity
  • Changed fp cam near plane to 0
  • Merged FP spawn camera with the VR camera
  • Motion blur is now disables for skier entity attachments
  • Spawn selection now ignores hidden spawn points
  • Re-implemented forward camera zooming
  • Fixed a bunch of memory leaks
  • Reworked stopping behaviour
  • Removed obsolete pl_skiAirRotationButteringMultipler CVar
  • Replaced usage of rotation requests with angular velocity
  • Reworked turning to be 3D based instead of merely affecting the z axis
  • Reworked death logic, impact deaths now depend on angle of impact
  • Fix: Air time being 0 for the first frame after revive
  • Fix: Crash while pressing R while choosing spawnpoint
  • Fix: Ability to kill player twice
  • If in Fullscreen mode, hide the window on alt tab out
  • Fix: Crash if the user pressed alt + enter too early in app init
  • Removed trick air time delay
  • Increased flymode speed
  • Improved perfect / bad / fatal landing detection
  • Fix: Ollie not resulting in jump sometimes
  • Reworked centripetal acceleration
  • Ollie direction now points forward for higher slopes
  • Fix: Ability to stop while performing trick
  • Fix: Stopping animation being overridden once stopped
  • Removed forced stopped state
  • Fixed possible crash while cycling colors in store
  • Improved camera type selection
  • Forward camera: Make sure we don't lerp more than 1
  • Fix: Animation impulse multiplier affecting forward and sideways impulses
  • Tweaked player mass
  • Gravitational acceleration is now correctly based on slope angle
  • Moved movement to the physics thread
  • Fix: Ollie using trick stick not applying correct hold time
  • A newly placed dynamic spawnpoint is now selected automatically
  • Fix: Ragdoll resetting velocity on creation
  • Removed death camera, now uses the camera used while riding
  • Improved camera zooming
  • Fixed all stats parameters being reset on revive
  • Fixed animation crash if root scope was null
  • Added PlayerImpulse debug command
  • Added functionality for discarding and filtering contacts
  • Added CVar for disabling deaths entirely
  • Added version info display to the Frontend
  • Optimized game update
  • Optimized dynamic light source updates
  • Rearranged animation priorities
  • Removed deprecated pl_skiInputStickBoostLimit CVar
  • Centripetal: Never allow inwards direction along the normal

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Lucas Santos

Oh boy, I'm excited. Can't wait to try out the new areas and features while listening to sweet music and soundFX. The next feature that I hope to be available soon is to customize controls. Awesome work guys! See you in Siala.

Axel Erikson

i can't launch it. it online says "LOADING FRONTEND"

Abdulmalek Sinane

I am so glad that i bought it from the day time of release :)

Jorre Van Dijck

Wy do I still need to pay :(

Joshua Muir

The rail system is still pretty glitchy, and frame rates took a little bit of a hit, but other than that still an awesome game!

    Joshua Muir

    Actually getting used to the rail system more now

Bryant Bungay

When can we expect the snowboards to appear? And a King of the Mountain mode would be nice later down the line for multi

Lane Harrison

When is it coming out for mac.