• Added new Premium events (Nine Knights, B&E and Jon Olsson Invitational)
  • Added new Momentum Park area
  • Added new Sunken Town area
  • New Santa bundle

Events and End Session

  • Added new XP screen
  • Added new reward screen, shown after events or ending a session
  • Fix crash when exiting event
  • Event selection now shows difficulty in help field
  • Fixed event and end session UI behavior if reached before receiving backend response
  • Fixed event preview displaying event as reward for itself


  • New tutorial to introduce users to basic gameplay mechanics
  • Implemented menu callout system to teach the basics of the menu to players
  • Integrated new in-game tutorial to teach players how to play the game
  • Added support for new full-screen menu tutorial, allowing us to tell the player about important events during their first SNOW sessions

User Interface

  • Implemented new in-game notification system for getting XP, gifts and entering areas
  • Multiplayer drop point list is now updated as players connect and respawn
  • Store can now visualize the following tags on assets: Featured, New, Discount and / or Popular
  • Replaced modal darkening effect
  • Fixed drop point selection category input being sent twice when using a Keyboard
  • Fixed issues with automatic UV calculation for 3D UI elements
  • Tweaked the in-game store camera
  • Store filters and values are now sorted by name
  • Fixed entity tags not scaling with field of view
  • Fixed frontend possibly setting an invalid camera
  • Fixed expired UI objects not animating out
  • Fixed use area entity not ignoring remote players, causing "Use" indicators to appear randomly
  • Fixed possible intro crash
  • Fixed multiple issues with drop point selection and session markers
  • Replay speed if now set to 1 by default
  • Fixed replay play button not correctly switching between play states
  • Fixed advanced replay options icon
  • Fixed possible UI crash for screens that did not use Flowgraphs
  • Unified scrollbar behavior for automatic item selection
  • Fixed score textbox disappearing on certain monitor resolutions
  • Fixed UI becoming scrambled when alt-tabbing out while a modal was open
  • Fixed replay camera controls legend being incorrect
  • Fixed possible crashes related to UI scrollbar


  • Fixed sideways animation modifier always being updated, now only changes when the player lands on a rail or stops spinning while on one.
  • Landing animations are no longer played on rails
  • Tweaked jump impulse hold time
  • Turning animations now use the CRYENGINE blend space setup to give more animation variety. This is hooked up to the analog stick by default, giving the player the option to fine-tune steering with a gamepad
  • Load up animations are now hooked up to the blend space system, allowing visualization of the loaded up momentum
  • Fixed grinding state being reset immediately on entering air, causing animation hickups
  • Fixed sideways left animation modifier being removed immediately as the player entered air
  • Fixed animation modifiers being cleared on state change (enter air / land)
  • Fixed ski shadows not disappearing on crash, when the skis were ejected
  • Tweaked animation modifier that caused the player to play sideways animations
  • Sideways animation modifier now only updates in air if angular velocity is low
  • Fixed spectator camera getting stuck on a target in multiplayer
  • Fixed ski mesh sometimes being removed on crash
  • Fixed achievements not being unlocked correctly
  • Fixed crash camera not unhiding head
  • Fixed case where replay could go out of bounds and move the player or crash the game
  • Angular velocity is now lost faster while on a rail
  • Fixed the player being able to plow while in switch
  • Fixed session marker camera offset causing it to clip through the ground
  • Fixed inputs not being triggered after using rewind
  • Fixed bad landings that could trigger on spawn
  • Fixed random death that could occur while grinding

Virtual Reality

  • Integrated Oculus SDK 0.8.0 support, including support for Windows 10
  • Added support for re-centering Virtual Reality device pose at any time by pressing Backspace or the left gamepad stick
  • Fixed third-person camera behavior in VR
  • Allow VR device movement when in the death camera
  • Death camera is now used even for the first-person camera in order to avoid nausea
  • Fixed frontend camera not using the VR device field of view
  • Fixed VR behavior with UI camera


  • Fixed decals appearing washed out
  • Fixed ski lifts not appearing
  • Optimized ski lift entity in order to avoid frame rate drops
  • Removed entity collision event that could affect frame rate
  • Fixed UI inventory requests not being deleted, resulting in possible crashes later in UI use
  • Added additional shared memory data
  • Fixed invalid reading of backend json data

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Jack Price

When will this be out on mac and ps4? before 2016?

Ollie Timms

Update seems to have made the game look very pixelated, I have it on the same settings and resolution as before but they still look poor, anyone having same problem? Advice?

Antoine Rainville

Earning medals do not give money in the virtual store?

Eric Cervantes

I'm finding it very hard to earn points for events. I see videos of other people doing the same tricks I am, but get a ton of more points than I do. Advise?

Adrien Claudin

Have you guys considered implementing depth to the snow? As in leaving a 3d trail of snow. Also, it would be awesome to see something like in the game STOKED with different snow heights according to the weather.