Featured Changes

  • Moved majority of game data to pak archives in order to speed up level load - Downside of this is bigger update downloads
  • Implemented new Dedicated Server auto-scaling backend
  • Introduced new servers regions; US West, US East, Oceania and Europe
  • Integrated new server browsing UI
  • Implemented new Purchase Confirmation modal
  • Implemented new Multiplayer chat UI
  • Right gamepad stick can now be used to look around (removed support for Ollie trick stick)
  • Bottom lift stations can now be used to travel to the top instantaneously, single player only. Future revisions will add MP support and animations.
  • Reworked replay user interface
  • Improved multiplayer movement prediction system
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Added Linux support - still work in progress, but should run decently
  • Reconfigured Achievements, they should now all work as intended


  • Optimized ski trail creation by using global buffer to avoid runtime allocations
  • Tweaked turning speed when doing hard break turns
  • Store: Currency balance now uses a wide dash as a delimiter
  • Game language is now set based on Steam user setting
  • Medal scores are now displayed in the event finished screen
  • Moved music player UI to the notification system
  • Fix event price not updating after previewing an event
  • Fixed buttering stamina possibly being used when not buttering
  • Fixed inability to spawn drone
  • Fixed scrollbar always updating even if its workspace was inactive / hidden
  • Fixed possible case of UI elements being removed after animating in
  • Fixed statistics UI not showing unit
  • Fixed conditional stats such as "highestSpeed" not updating
  • Fixed spectator camera not following remote players
  • Fixed possible replay crash
  • Players are now displayed as the first category in drop point selection
  • Added spawn point descriptions
  • Fixed store lag when previewing an asset for purchase
  • Fixed gloss for the majority of snow terrain, decal and road textures to improve visibility for bumps
  • Rewind no longer starts three seconds back in time, in order to avoid confusing new players. This can be tweaked in gameplay options!
  • Updated store sorting rules, tags are now preferred up top
  • Event timer is now reset when a new round is started.
  • Fixed case where XP results would be overridden before displayed to the user
  • Fix task list completion being triggered outside of gameplay
  • Experimental multiplayer movement reconciliation improvements
  • Fixed 'R' to ragdollize being usable in the tutorial
  • Fixed possible ski trail buffer overflow
  • Ski trails now calculate texel area density correctly
  • Fixed WIP weather manager being active and spawning invisible clouds
  • Fixed ski lift paths not being deleted correctly
  • Fixed bonus time difference in events using milliseconds instead of seconds
  • Fixed UI issue where the UV coordinates would overlap and render elements on top of each other
  • Never show full screen tutorials in events
  • Fixed XP screen and notifications storing duplicate level data
  • Fixed tutorial task list not being reset when switching / exiting level
  • Fixed issue where lift chairs would not be spawned correctly
  • Fixed issue where lifts started lerping to previous rotation after having been out of view
  • Improved handling of score and XP in order to show correct data in XP screen
  • Fixed event type selection not filtering to the currently loaded level
  • Fixed issue where large amounts of data would fail to be sent over the network
  • Added support for controlling drone Z-axis movement with space and left control
  • Fixed bundles screen not having the background go all the way
  • Fixed "removeMovieClip" error in log
  • Tweaked tutorial flow
  • Fixed rendering depth issues in UI
  • Fixed possible inventory crash
  • Fixed out animation for UI objects that skipped the in animation
  • Separated player and scene freezing, in order to allow particle playback in replay
  • Fixed UI issue where covered by modal was never assigned a value, causing issues when purchasing
  • Fixed jump not working after respawning frequently
  • Fixed UI not updating correctly after resolution was changed
  • Fixed player input being accepted during next round or event finished screens
  • Fixed event countdown sometimes being enabled while hidden
  • Fixed ski effects sometimes playing in air
  • UI system now stores coordinates in 2D instead of 3D space, fixes undefined behavior during resolution switch
  • Fixed previous animation getting stuck after respawning
  • Fix UI not being reloaded on camera field of view change
  • Fixed previous surface type sounds continuing to play if the new surface type did not have sounds attached to it
  • Fixed calf and foot physics proxies not being removed when rephysicalizing after replay usage
  • Tweaked values for determining perfect and bad landings
  • Fixed sky light manager being initialized on dedicated servers
  • Skip loading of SKIN attachments on dedicated servers
  • Fixed multiple server history issues and overflows
  • Fix ski trail buffer merging not working as intended, resulting in a crash later into the game
  • Fixed dedicated server not enabling all layers
  • Re-trigger OnEnterArea event on revive without notifying player
  • Fixed music ceasing to play after ~20 minutes of playtime
  • Fixed player not staying stopped after completing an event
  • Fixed UI rendering on non-16:9 resolutions
  • Fixed UI frustum size calculation for ultra wide monitor setups
  • Fixed replay playback stopping if player unlocked camera movement with a gamepad
  • Fixed duplicate occurrences of strings in the ground, air and drone controller settings
  • Fixed UI elements sometimes disppearing as hidden scrollbar animated out
  • Fixed 'e_shadows' CVar not functioning in release mode
  • Moved HTTP behaviour to a separate thread tin order to prevent main thread stalls
  • Increased time after respawning during which collisions between two players don't occur
  • Fix previous XP being overridden if previous Xp on backend was 0
  • Fixed crash if other client times out while another is viewing drop points
  • Decreased usage of backend-side persistent storage events in order to decrease used traffic
  • Fixed possible attachment update crash in MP
  • Disabled flash light usage in MP for now
  • Fixed ski trail raycasting not being exposed to whitelist
  • Optimized ski trail generation
  • Fixed crash when running out of flash materials
  • Fixed possible crash on shutdown
  • Restructed cURL usage to prevent loss of headers and body
  • Fixed physics system searching for ground contacts on other players
  • Optimized asset inventory map
  • Fixed behaviour when the player was in multiple areas at the same time

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Nathan Lacroux

Realy good update, thank you !

Emil Andersson Jöesaar

This is getting better, nice work guys!

Samuel Kymäläinen

You really need to fix railing

Jostein Mjølhus

really need to add snowboards soon

Jonas Bleikvassfors

I really like the new update, but I would lika a change of controlls... the grabs and lincoln loop should change :)

    Bartek Mazurek

    You can change it in the settings 😀