Featured changes:

  • Upgraded to CRYENGINE 3.8.6
  • Introduced premium Drones and Session Markers
  • Session Markers are now stored on backend and therefore persist over multiple sessions
  • Vastly improved Frontend lighting
  • Redesigned inventory to display all items in the same view
  • Added new Key Remapping menu
  • Score is now rewarded for grinding based on distance
  • Integrated new Line Score system (more info here)
  • Added support for grinding lift ropes
  • Implemented new drone sounds
  • Restructured main menu to better highlight promotions and gameplay functionality
  • Restructured pause menu to expose more options to the player
  • Improved store display of New, Discounted, Featured and Popular items
  • Improved XP screen readability
  • Reworked pushing to give linear decrease of impulse based on velocity now that pushing can always be used
  • Player view angles are now restricted in non-VR first person mode
  • Store asset thumbnails now update for each variation
  • Implemented new camera preset system, presets can be switched in camera options

Misc changes:

  • Fixed certain skis not using the 'mat_ski' surface type, thus getting invalid friction settings
  • Fixed store filter memory leak
  • Lowered the travelspeed for fast tucking
  • Disabled ability to crash drone by going into other objects
  • Implemented support for displaying clothing rarity in store and inventory
  • Fixed page up / down / home / end being triggered multiple times
  • Fixed possible customization crash
  • Skip animation sinus curve when using scrollbar
  • Fixed possible scroll crash
  • Don't update objects multiple times when adding scrollbar
  • Fixed scrollbar objects not always animating out correctly
  • Fixed scrollbar objects not animating out correctly when hidden
  • Catch issue with multiple bindings of the same id
  • Use colon in currency balance display to avoid issues with players thinking they have a negative currency balance
  • Fixed e_tessellation being const in release mode and therefore not being possible to change at runtime
  • Use different start intro text when gamepad is connected
  • Split tuck and push forward actions up to allow rebinding separately
  • Add CVar that specifies minimum speed required for landing score modifier
  • Fix ski contact info not being updated in air
  • Fix impactDot being utilized multiple times in fatality check, causing player to crash when it shouldn't have
  • Fix impact fatality for landings using wrong self surface type
  • Fix impact fatality deaths not being triggered if the player was in air when the collision occurred
  • Only account for skis when checking for landing angle
  • Fix improper copying of substrings in string conversions
  • Check for bad landings on the Z axis, relative to velocity
  • Lowered max possible view distance in UI options
  • Perfect landing will give 200% bonus instead of combo multiplier now
  • Implemented trick repetition penalty
  • Fix possible crash if backend failed to sent result as json
  • Only take width into account when creating ski proxy
  • Fixed ski proxy size being twice as big, added CVars for offset
  • Fixed lift rope surface type not being applied
  • Grindable ropes now populate grinding path
  • Fix possible event system crash
  • Added option for disabling ski trails
  • Enable motion blur on frontend assets
  • Fail streamed request if provided json was null
  • Default to FPVR camera if HMD is detected
  • Fix possible menu crash caused by invalidated nav object reference
  • Made gamepad camera smoother
  • Fix possible UI crashes in element activation
  • Fixed bad landings not checking absolute value of dot product
  • Fix inability to turn off DOF in release mode
  • Unified existing hold input system to provide consistent results
  • Add support for cycling actor type
  • Fix table items not animating color correctly
  • Store now shows a tag indicating if an item is already owned
  • Tweaked frontal area speed
  • Implemented support for reorienting lift chair joints (assets not yet tweaked to make use of this)
  • Remove ability to hide spawn selection UI
  • Fix quick restart not working for non-static spawns
  • Show hold button indicator for session marker even while crashed
  • Tweaked wind in / out fade sound
  • Fix DebugBreak used outside debug in server history
  • Reset server history on resize
  • Fix ShowLoadingIcon parameters not being fully exposed to FG
  • Skip statistics event creation if no prerequisites were provided
  • Fix first view update using bad data
  • Fix sound camera velocity possibly using invalidated data
  • Fix cases of cameras ignoring view invalidations
  • Fix event and use areas leaking memory in update
  • Fix a few possible memory leaks
  • Improve parsing of default loadout
  • Fix encoded string hasher possibly passing invalid string
  • Fix player character shader item being refreshed outside of UI use
  • Fix gift not being centered in reward screen
  • Add Session Marker camera
  • Improve tucking/pushing mechanics and re-enable pushing while turning
  • Fix server list map not being cleared
  • Fix scrollbar not removing elements that were externally removed
  • Fix Mannequin VR tags to check camera state
  • Fix static icons sometimes not appearing
  • Fix drone camera not using orientation reset timer
  • Lower maximum haste value (pushing)
  • Make pushing to act on release instead of on press
  • Fix 'option_value' style having custom color
  • Fix camera cycling being triggered in menus
  • Fix possible replay flying exploit caused by velocity statistic not being updated while in air
  • Disable end sessions in events
  • Fix tricks being triggered in replay
  • End Session is now properly synced over the network
  • Fix detached camera starting on incorrect position
  • Reset camera zoom ratio when going out of replay mode
  • Add support for PS4 touch icon in UI
  • Re-enable loading of all env probes for low spec
  • Fix memory invalidation during renderer unload
  • Fix score not returning to original position after combo being shown
  • Fix rewind starting with t-pose
  • Restructure UI nav object handling to fix potential nav data corruption
  • Fixed animation rarities and variations not playing correctly
  • Fix auto-UV overwriting existing MC holders, fixes possible issue with event icons disappearing
  • Fix close calls not functioning in air
  • Fix exploit where drone could be used to generate close calls
  • Fix binding not being dynamically moved to ski position
  • Fixed issue where ski trail ray cast could hit the ski trail physics proxy
  • Increased width of ski trails
  • Offset ski trails slightly forward
  • Fix incorrect UI modal behavior when purchase failed
  • Fixed player skeleton not defining surface types
  • Stop throwing fatal error when loadout call fails on dedicated server
  • Fix possible recursion stack overflow in UI state change
  • Fallback to cached character if dedicated server had not received loadout yet
  • Fix crash if store tag info was never populated

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Tim Åkerblom

When i start the game, i get some kind of white flashing screen. it worked like 10 minutes ago before the update. (same for my friend)

    Tim Åkerblom

    nvm it started

Tim Åkerblom

Can you please add different maps to the servers. and please add more maps

Tim Åkerblom

Also i want to lower the wind sound

Zak Skinner

anyone having a problem connecting To servers? When i start the game, it's ok, but if i want to end my session, for instance, it takes forever. So far, no successful attempts. I just waited 30+ minutes, and the game crashes, every time.

Jerome Fasquelle

Need : - Add real chairlife system (sit down and up view) - Add real ski lift system (real time, not teleport) - Servers with more players slot (100 players/server is good) - Texture of snow when we slow is bad :/ - Moutains are a bit empty :/ - Add a system to remove ski and walk in station - Fix character texture (arm) on emote - Add a carve motion when we speed up (Shift key) - Add a body/face character personalization - Fix browse servers menu freeze - Add vocal system for multiplayers (with lips motion) - Fix motion when we stop skiing (S key)