Main Features

  • Snowboards
  • Snowmobiles
  • Improved Store layout
  • Reworked Event and Map selection UI
  • Added Mountain Store for future use

Additional Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed localization for tutorial to handle push/tuck separately
  • Tweaked default cam so you can see infront of you a bit easier
  • Fix possible MP crash caused by non-existent history item
  • Fix case of GetCurrentReplayProgress dividing by zero
  • Fix ability to select hidden nav objects by mouse
  • Fix reference image assets always behaving 2-sided
  • Display updated player info label on all menu screens
  • Implement new store selection menu
  • Fix possible customization crash
  • Change discounts to use a red color
  • Implement first pass of pivoted slot selection
  • Fix shadows in Frontend
  • Change inventory to use slot selection again
  • Fix possible threading issues with the HTTP system
  • Re-enable motion blur for frontend assets
  • Fix and simplify UI object positioning and forward offset
  • Fix particles being paused on death
  • Fix textbox overlap when auto UV is used
  • Fix mouse events triggering animating UI objects
  • Calculate frontal area dynamically from physics bbox
  • Disallow hold button activation for drone and session marker when not owned
  • Disallow tutorial activations in MP
  • Remove collision specialization for hands
  • Fix possible crash on shutdown
  • Fix possible bone parsing crash if params was not an object
  • Disabled use of CRYENGINE allocator for cURL
  • Fix replay freeze bug
  • Switch to RapidJSON 1.0.2
  • Fix horizontal scrollbar updating screen size incorrectly
  • Fix RapidJson use of std allocators
  • Unify usable asset functionality
  • Fix possible case of default attachment orientation not being set
  • Optimized physics update
  • Fix possible crash on switching level
  • Fix a few possible physics threading issues
  • Improve processing of physics thread data on game thread
  • Fix angular velocity stat not being updated in air
  • Fix invalid physics part index being inserted into map
  • Fix a few UI responsiveness issues
  • Fix possible asset parsing crash
  • Use default riding animation pose for determining ski position
  • Dynamically offset ski physics proxy instead of relying on predefined info
  • Fade ski trail out based on velocity, not point count
  • Fix UI not resizing when FOV has changed
  • Fix drone not being spawned after first try
  • Allow for camera rotation when in crash menu
  • Fix a possible crash
  • Block ability to use session markers in events
  • Fix starting event inside a level resulting in frozen game
  • Make sure that pause menu has CustomizationWorkspace extension
  • Remove calf and foot proxies by name instead of by hardcoded id
  • Fix jump impulse hold time behavior
  • Unified store and promotions UI behavior
  • Send challenge persistent storage update to backend immediately instead of queuing
  • Fix FlashUIArray node not passing all leftover objects
  • Fix several cases of looking up the same asset multiple times in a row
  • Fix store asset icons not being added for owned assets
  • Fix overriding of asset featured setting if property did not exist
  • Fix filter UI in inventory and store
  • Fix store filters, merge promotions
  • Fix PS4 pad touchpad click not being registered
  • Fix scrollable group sorting
  • Fix reset settings crash
  • Add store tags based on store state, not asset ownership
  • Add all possible glyphs into embedded UI fonts
  • Implement Frontend camera preset
  • Unify filter listing with query setup
  • Fix issues with grinding score
  • Fix statistics tracker adding invalid prerequisite elements
  • Fix IsSeamlessMP check returning true in frontend - Fixes menu tutorials not triggering
  • Fix possible level switch crash
  • Fix issues with overriding attachments that rely on entities in-game
  • Fix possible crash
  • Make sure that current workspace is root when showing the quit game modal
  • Make NextIntro trigger on key release instead of key press
  • Fix player view rotation not being updated on revive
  • Fix possible action controller crash
  • Fix many issues relating to attachment entities
  • Fix possible game exit crash
  • Fix level unload crash
  • Fix possible trail generator crash
  • Move trail generator ray skip entity to update call
  • Hide all entity attachments before resetting actor model
  • Tweak physics CVars
  • Make sure that clicksonly navigation objects don't create any buttons
  • Fix readonly items scrollbar not working
  • Fixed tutorial behavior
  • Fix physics part update being discarded in continue mode
  • Fix case of possible score overflow
  • Fix likely use of expired character array during asset parsing
  • Use default loadout for remote players while waiting for theirs, instead of the local player's

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Julian Charest

Hey im gonna repost this suggestion, just to make sure you guys and gals can see it...

    Julian Charest

    So ya, I read that you guys dont want to put the ability to walk in the game, I really, really think you should reconsider that though, not only that, but go further and specify on animations like for instance: if you double tap the 'b' button you'd sit back/down on your butt and stay in place only being able to look around with the right analog stick until you get back up using the 'a' button and then for the second feature that works in tandum with this animation would be to add a 'gta-style' equipment wheel and map it to the select button on the game pad and then add the first two options on the wheel would be to take the board off and carry it in your hands and the other to strap it to your backpack(once its added as well of course) there would also obviously be more room about 3/4ths im guessing on the wheel for future items to add later or backpack inventory or whatever, but definitely the first two should be with taking your board/skis on and off. I really think this would be one of those ultimate game features that would more folks than fewer would greatly praise for years to come! Just think of it! Being able to walk around anywhere you want, across the bottom tundras or the highest peaks, exploring stuff like the yetis caves or whatever. It'd be awesome and we all know it!!! Anyways love you all, thanks for making such a wonderful game, stoked for its future for sure. Its my birthday today, cheers! <333

      Julian Charest

      (also just allowing players to map the controllers exactly like key bindings work would be great as well, it would work in tandum with the features i am suggesting you add in the future...)

      Julian Charest

      please excuse the extra words and typos in my proposal, its been a long night playing this amazing game ;]

Jure Kegalj

Yes! Please add the "walking" animations and other related options to the game. Entering cabins perhaps, sitting down, exploring...etc. At least some of the stuff I just mentioned. Walking would be an immense improvement to an already great game. 😉