• Added B&E Invitational 2016
  • Added Northpaw Invitational
  • Added Ice Ice, Maybe?
  • Added On The Rocks
  • Added Yeti Big Air
  • Added Tanner Hall Invitational


  • Added B&E 2016
  • Added Eastwater Industries Drop Point in Sialia
  • Added Northpaw Glacier Drop Point in Sialia
  • Added Lost Piste Drop Point in Sialia
  • Added lots of new small areas in Sialia
  • Fixed lots of issues in Sialia
  • Improved lots of areas in Sialia


  • Added Yeti / Kong outfit
  • Added Snowmobile Helmet
  • Added Cowboy Hat
  • Added Dino Helmet
  • Added Glowing Jacket & Pants
  • Added new denim jeans
  • Added 'Make America Snow Again' hat
  • Added Christmas Elf outfit
  • Added over 100 items from new brand partners (see blog post)


  • New animations for many of the sports
  • Improved animations for all sports



  • Prop Tool
  • Quick Selection Menu
  • Increased max Level to 70
  • Added Credits reward for every Level


  • Disable close calls while using snowmobile
  • Move quick restart button to triangle/y/tab
  • Set rewind penalty to 0
  • Improved grinding gampeplay and locking-on system
  • Improve performance on Low settings
  • Changed focus distance on Relax Camera
  • Tweaked Intense Camera for less clipping
  • Block snowmobile usage if it's not unlocked
  • Increased time player has to release grab before crashing

User Interface

  • Added Loading Screen Gallery functionality
  • Added new Player Info panel
  • Added Character Preview toggle to store
  • Added new Line Score indicator
  • Added support for AboutPages for purchase modal
  • Added mouse sensitivity to settings (PC only)
  • Added alpha scrolling
  • Improve in-game notification manager
  • Improve in-game music notification
  • Improve in-game notifications
  • Improve poster-scrolling in Level or Event select menu
  • Increase in-game menu background fade in speed
  • Make disabled spawnpoints icons grey
  • Move pagination screen cycling to Q and E on keyboard
  • Improve pagination action indicators
  • Add new bundle purchase modal
  • Display 'press any button' after we have connected to backend
  • Animate 'press any button' textbox
  • Add cycle color action indicator when using keyboard
  • Show only current sport in in-game store
  • Show how many instances of an asset are owned in store

Replay Manager

  • Added replay detached camera smoothing
  • Added auto-focus feature
  • Added replay zoom action indicators
  • Added manual focus setting to all cameras
  • Separate replay detached camera z-axis movement speed
  • Use FOV for replay camera zoom
  • Update Replay Editor UI
  • Improve replay animation interpolation
  • Improve Replay Editor UI when using keyboard
  • Block 'unlock camera' in replay if not using the free cam
  • Switch replay camera zoom to bumpers instead of dpad
  • Update default replay detached camera CVars


  • Fixed & improved UI animations
  • Fixed minor UI issues
  • Fixed events from different levels being shown in event list
  • Fixed mp loading crash
  • Fixed mp loading error not being displayed
  • Fixed mp network error crash
  • Fixed game crash if reporting an unassigned error
  • Fixed a bug where rewind wouldn't work
  • Fixed crash when joining MP servers
  • Fixed first jump being super high
  • Fixed line score showing 9999999
  • Fixed rewind killing player sometimes
  • Fixed rebind menu issues
  • Fixed scrollbar being offset sometimes
  • Fixed snowmobile gamepad acceleration not working in MP
  • Fixed sessionmarker spawning with snowmobile or drone
  • Fixed numpad trick gesture selector
  • Fixed mountain store posters being offset
  • Fixed first person camera not able to change FOV
  • Fixed first person camera not working in multiplayer

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Scott Armstrong

Gravestones being removed anytime soon? Game is horrible to play with then in

Kevin Morrissey

Why isn't this comparable for macs or xbox one yet?

Mathew Smith

When is it going to be free finally jw please someone answer me I've been looking all over and CNT find answer