Please note, this release is currently available only on PC. Read why here.


  • Added new cosmetics from DC, Sessions, Electric, Bonfire, Capita, Ride, Coal, and Lo2
  • Added new Garden Gnome Session Marker
  • Added 2 brand new types of snowmobiles, Climber and Discovery
  • Added new rail props to Prop Tool


  • Upgraded to CRYENGINE 5.3
  • Improved grinding mechanics - you now stick to the rail more reliably, and get ejected from the rail if you tilt too much or are grinding on the tips/tails of the ski or snowboard
  • Improved SFX, especially when riding on rails
  • Switched to Linux dedicated servers and improved stability
  • Improved ragdoll in single player
  • Added session registration text
  • New Crash Reporter
  • FIXED: Unlocking camera in replay makes playback stop
  • FIXED: Sounds are not paused in pause menu


  • Tweaked minimum jump height
  • Tweaked max speed
  • Increased 'push' impulse
  • Tweaked in-air rotation speeds

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