SNOW 1.0.0 is finally here! Here's what you can expect to find in it:

New Features

  • Collectables - 82 new collectables spread between all mountains
  • Sightseeing - 51 vistas to unlock in total
  • Upgraded to the latest CRYENGINE version 5.5.2 - Performance improvements
  • Multiplayer is back – running on Poppermost’s backend
  • Overall Mountain progression tracker - Each mountain will display how many events, challenges, vistas, collectables or rewards are still available or not unlocked yet, including an overall percentage value to help you keep track of your progression
  • Added X Games Aspen 2018


  • Fullscreen windowed is now supported
  • Added Sightseeing overview menu
  • Added UI display in events to show how much time is left for a certain medal or how many points are still needed to reach a certain medal
  • Disabled menu buttons/tiles with no functionality in Multiplayer
  • Disabled quick-menu elements that had no functionality
    • Not owned snowmobile option will not confuse players anymore
    • Not enabled walking mode option in multiplayer will not confuse players anymore
  • Reworked the interface to support the new monetization
  • Tutorial messages will now stay longer, giving new players more time to learn the controls
  • Fixed ~ 15 crashes
  • Fixed ~ 60 bugs


  • Added sightseeing system (vistas)
  • Added collectables system
  • Reworked and enabled Multiplayer
  • Added mountain progression tracker
  • Added X Games Aspen 2018 as new mountain
  • Removed ski passes from the game
  • Added new playable areas on Sialia and Tyro Valley
  • Removed penalties when respawning during the tutorial
  • Unlocking access to snowmobile after linking a Crytek account
  • Granting 7 days temporary access to Sialia after completing tutorial


  • Upgraded engine to latest CRYENGINE version (5.5.2)

Menu UI

  • Removed ski passes from main menu
  • Added “Unlock Ultimate Edition” to main menu
  • Added credits to Settings
  • Added sightseeing menu to submenu “Play”
  • Added mountain completion per mountain detail view
    • Mountain completion in percent
    • Tracking events (available / completed)
    • Tracking challenges (available / completed)
    • Tracking collectables (available / collected)
    • Tracking sightseeing places (available / discovered)
    • Tracking rewards (available / received)
  • Reworked “Me” submenu for more visibility and clarity
  • Reworked “Store” submenu for more visibility and clarity (removed ski passes)
  • Added windowed borderless and Fullscreen windowed to settings
  • Added Crytek accounting system
  • Added new privacy policy
  • Resetting options will now work properly
  • Added a check if the map is owned when joining a multiplayer server
  • Added several checks and user feedback for the Crytek accounting system
  • Added runtime check if DLC was purchased (no restart of the game required)
  • Removed messages UI element

Ingame UI

  • Disabled actions are greyed out when switching gear
  • Tutorial explanations will stay the whole area (disappeared fast before)
  • Added UI during time trial events to display how much time is left for a certain medal
  • Added UI during score-based events to show how much score is required to earn a medal
  • Disabled menu points and tiles that aren’t interactable in multiplayer
  • Added ingame sightseeing menu
  • Added ability to infinitely view sightseeing points
  • Greyed out several UI options in multiplayer that are not available in multiplayer


  • Closing the game through the menu crashed the application
  • Crash after completing the first round of several events
  • Closing the application with alt+f4 will crash the game
  • Using props in MP caused the application to crash
  • Crash when player is riding snowmobile while joining an event
  • Character loadouts weren’t loaded correctly resulting in a crash
  • MP: Server crashed when the gear was changed often very quickly
  • MP: Server crashed when changing gear to “walking” while someone was joining
  • MP: Server crashed when geometry stuck into a stone
  • Memory leak causing the servers to crash after a certain time
  • Game crash when joining an event on JOI
  • Closing the application with alt+f4 while in an options sub menu results in a crash
  • Respawning in multiplayer sometimes caused the client to crash
  • Interacting with collectables in multiplayer caused the client to crash

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