With our latest update, we bring you some hot fixes for issues that occurred in the launch version of SNOW & SNOW Ultimate Edition (SUE). Here’s what has been fixed across the board:


  • Entering the same ski lift on X Games Aspen 2018 for the 2nd time doesn’t cause game crashes anymore. [SUE]
  • Ending a game session won’t crash the client. [SNOW & SUE]


  • X Games 2016 will now automatically unlock in your map selection [SNOW & SUE]
  • Exploit: Tutorial experience rewards will not be granted multiple times. [SNOW & SUE]
  • Flying light posts on X Games Aspen 2018 are now effectively grounded [SUE]
  • The Vista ‘Aspen’ on X Games Aspen 2018 now triggers unlock progress & vista scene [SUE]
  • Two ski lifts on B&E 2015 accept passengers again – sorry for the temporary service disruption. [SUE]
  • The collectable in X Games Aspen 2017 will not block the view of your beautiful finisher cinematic anymore. [SUE]
  • Using the quick restart functionality on a remote player that left the game will bring you back to drop point selection now. [SUE]
  • Added O’Brien Park section to Tyro Valley – more work on O’Brien Park is planned in future updates. [SNOW & SUE]
  • Disabled console access – enabled fair play. 😉 [SNOW & SUE]


  • Fixed a bug where purchasing credits while Steam overlay is disabled could cause the UI to become unresponsive. [SNOW & SUE]
  • Missing localization strings were added for X Games Aspen 2018. [SUE]


That’s it for now, but we are hard at work to bring you the next update soon. Please keep reporting your issues and bugs via the Steam forums, our Discord channel. For other issues, please visit the Crytek help desk at https://snow.kayako.com/

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