It’s time for another update! This time, we have three new features and a couple of hot fixes for issues that occurred in the previous version of SNOW & SNOW Ultimate Edition (SUE). Get the low-down:


  • Changing your gear frequently while playing multiplayer won’t cause the client to crash anymore – go wild, fashion fanatics! [SUE]


  • Prepared a new slope to reach O’Brien Park on Tyro Valley [SNOW & SUE]
  • We opened a new ski lift at O’Brien Park for your convenience [SNOW & SUE]
  • Added two new drop points on Tyro Valley [SNOW & SUE]


  • Random objects that played hide & seek by appearing to be invisible should be rendered correctly again [SNOW & SUE]
  • A vertex stretching out of the terrain was fixed at the first set of X Games 2016 [SNOW & SUE]
  • Rewinding through an area that triggers a pop-up in the tutorial won’t get you stuck in rewind mode anymore [SNOW & SUE]


  • Title in unlock pop-up for the SNOW Ultimate Edition displays correctly now [SUE]
  • When you own the Ultimate Edition, you won’t be prompted to purchase it again. Instead, the menu tile will display that you own the DLC already. [SUE]
  • Windows Application logo has been changed from default (CRYENGINE eye) to the iconic SNOWflake [SNOW & SUE]

Known Issues

  • Joining a multiplayer session with 8GB RAM or less might lead to a client crash. We are trying to fix this as soon as possible.
  • Ending a session or finishing an event can result in the message “Waiting for server”. We are already working on this bug and will push an update as soon as we fixed the issue.
  • If you play with mouse and keyboard, please note that the mouse cursor is currently not displayed. We recommend playing with a controller while we are looking into the issue.

That’s it for now, but we are hard at work to bring you the next update soon. Please keep reporting your issues and bugs via the Steam Community forums & SNOW Discord and to access our help desk check out

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